Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari : equivalent to The alchemist

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari: A Fable About Fulfilling Your Dreams & Reaching Your Destiny This is the book you will definitely learn how to live.Just written by Robin Sharma.This is the book which is definitely equivalent to The Alchemist.

Enormous amount of wisdom is covered here. I finished this thinking that this is one of the best books I've ever read on how to live in this world. I was shocked at the amount of principles covered in this story. I just wasn't expecting what I got from this.

I initially refrained from underlining and marking up my book because I thought I might want to loan it out. So, I took notes. I've since decided that I'm gonna read it again and underline the great parts I want to revisit. Just when I thought this guy had covered most everything, he pulled out even more! This is an awesome book.

Okay, the other nice thing about this is each chapter ends with an action summary. I liked how this wraps up each chapter. So, you get the chance to think about what happened in the story, the points being made, and the great thing is it gives you the techniques.

I read a few reviews where people were criticizing the story. I thought the story was good, with a few weak spots. But the story isn't the main point, it was just the vehicle to deliver the goods.

I loved this book! This is one that I think can definately make a difference in your life. The thing about books like this is, usually people read it once, decide that there is something to it and maybe even make a few changes in their life and a little while later they slide right back into living the way they always have. Reread it, absorb it, and make lasting changes.


Icildur the Ranger from the east said...

A nice review about the book. Especially the part where you refrain from attacking the story since the story is not the main plot. I had read it a long while back and your blog refreshed my memories of the book. I would still hold Alchemist higher in terms of how easy and simple and still engrossing the book was. Monk who sold the Ferrari became a bit tedious where rather than a story it was a sermon or preaching.

Sanjeev said...

Its a great books one of my favourites...
I would suggest catchin up on:
"The Saint Surfer & CEO" by Robin..

It too has some great wisdom.. Bound to answer some life questions for everyone..

- Sanjeev Arya..

Anonymous said...

Yep, Its really nice book. Try this book also "Greatness Guide"

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