Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sachinism-More Than A Religion

I just woke up now at 10:47 am,forget to switchoff the tv last night.The news channel CNN IBN just showing up the stats of IPL 2010 so far,sachin being the highest rungetter followed by kallis and jayawardane.sachin will turn 37 on april 24th this year,what an amazing player he is been for all these years.
I was always amazed by the question,"what made me the sachin follower?".Is it the cricket he played or his attitude?I can remember the early days of my cricketing career(watching cricket).I started watching cricket from 1996 worldcup which held in India.Without anyone's acknowkledgement my eyelids forget its normal action for some seconds when I lived a shot from a 5 feet 3 inches god who uses english willow written MRF on it.I just asked my nephew who is he?He just screamed" dont you know him"? "He is Tendulkar.Sachin Tendulkar".

I might be the hundred millionth person to feel that astonishment.But he made every indian feel it for once in every year.Its an unmade promise given to us by sachin.There is a question ,mightbe in every australian's heart,Sachin being the greatest or best cricketer of alltime?I dont try to answer this question,but everyone in this world should agree a thing"No one in this world made the game so exciting and made everyone to pray for everyball that next delivery shouldn't take sachin's wicket".

Sachin being the highest rungetter highest centurion in all forms of game had a very rare attitude and character.I stronly believe he is much resembled with Lord Rama.As rama he had got almost mr clean image.He married anjali who is elder to him just like rama married to sita.He didnt get away with image like yuvraj singh who had very higher ability,but arrogant.

I dont forget to remember you some lines which made the people drive crazy"Commit all crimes when sachin is playing,bcoz even god is watching him".And recent Ipl we all aware about the dhoni's campaign about save our tigers .One fan showed a flexi "Only 1411 tigers left...are you sure ? left sachin".
There are millions of people who wrote about sachin befor me.But I myself felt one will forget time when you started thinking about sachin.He had that charm in every aspect.No one can forget his 97 in match with pakisthan in 2003 worldcup,175 in chasing aganist australia,200 not out aganist south africa in gwalior,and consecutive centuries in sharjah.The list will be endless because I hardly forget any shot played by him whether it's cover drive in mcgrath bowling or slice shot in akthar's,pull from caddick's bouncer,upper cut from ntini's or a frontfoot shot gone to miles bowled by magical fingers of shane warne.

The records can tell the numbers but not the class of his game.I strongly believe the class of his game chaged the name of MRF (Madras rubber factory to Master's riding federation).Sounds funny to say that.

Cricket being the unofficial national game of India,no one ever doubted to say "If Cricket is a religion than sachin is the god".Whats the religion name?

"Sachinism - I follows it,will you...i repeat again Will YOU?"


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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naveen said...

He is the master and you have describes about him masterly like his leg glance. I really like it a lot. Would like to see more of this kind from you akshitha..

nani said...

good post...

Waseem said...

"Sachinism - I follows it,will you...i repeat again Will YOU?"

I DONT, i repeat it, I DONT!!!!!!!!!!!

I belive that sachin is superior player of cricket,and we are lucky to have him in indian team.

it'll be unfair to his part calling him as agod of cricket instead apreciating him.
this is like mad crazy,i can say!!!

naren said...
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Ravi kishore said...

In 1989 sachim failed his 10 th standard after 10 years 1998 in maharastra 10 th standard first lesson is about sachin

thats way he was great he is god of cricket

i amzing see this post

it was very nice

go ahead

chandra sekhar said...

Nice job

nani said...

Nice post about Master Blaster.............keep on posting more about him.

Abhinay said...

It all is the greatness of Sachin..
Nice post..

bharat said...

Gud one .... We love Sachin

Ramgopal Neerukonda said...

hello crazy about u...can i have ur mail id and my contact

Nitish said...

Really nice

do post on also :)

sathin said...

hey good one.

I too am a big big fan of sachin.
I too follow sachinism.
I never believe in god is wat i used to bost of, but i never doubted the presence of this god.

Ramu said...

gr8 work, nice post, write more, love to read.

Urs R@j@ said...

nice post

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