Thursday, April 22, 2010

currency note with globe,eagle with snake and rudrakshamala

Might be the world we know is very small,because how many of you know about this currency note which is published by eastindia company before indian independence.
Some offered the rate of 2500000 i.e(literally twentyfive lakh) if you provide them the original note."what made them to offer such an whopping amount for this note?".By observing it we can identify it as a fake one.The globe and eagle are attached to the old note which is also being published by eastindia company.[ilastindian's exclusive]

The story gone intresting when i find a person who tried to buy it.He revealed the truth behind it.But I didn't believed him to the fullest.But i will reveal what he said.There are hundreds of agencies searching for it.Only 150 notes of such kind are published then."It had the secret code for the hidden treasure of eastindia's company".If they can find five notes they can successfully decode it.

The pecularity of the note is that it had been lined with the antique metal,which is more precious.The note is being signed by the than governor JB taylor with globe ,eagle with rudrakshmala in mouth and helding a snake with its legs.

Whether you believe it or not,there are many people who are still trying for the hidden treasures in blind faith.


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Really a nice one........but it really hard to trust this story

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